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Irish Radio International is an online radio station that functions on one core principle; everyone who comes in, comes out better. We act as both a media platform and a development centre, providing training, learning and a platform for anyone with a passion looking to hone their skills and reach a wider audience.

We have a broad and varied catalogue of programmes, with talk shows on topics such as politics, spirituality, business and general chat, music programmes from classical to jazz to funk to rock to psychedelic to house.

We have no set agenda, aim or angle besides entertaining, informing and empowering our presenters, contributors and listeners. We're about the creators, the learners, the educators, from all walks of life and from any professional and personal interest. We intend to let people do what they want to do, and help them to do it the best they can. This is where you can listen to the results, find out more about the station and its listeners, and get involved. You can check out the programmes and the people behind them below.


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New Year's Eve Busk Cork City, 2016 in aid of Hope For The Homeless and the Cork Simon Community
Gaelic Voices For Change Raise €3,090 for the Cork Simon Community | 16/12/2017
Christina May, Síofra & Laura Mulcahy @ The Friary, August 2017 | IRI Monthly Music Showcase
IRI Monthly Music Showcase | July 2017 | Featuring Stay, Cassidy Club & The Arcadeans



Irish Radio International’s studio space and equipment are available and applicable to a variety of uses at affordable costs, from podcasts to voice overs to ADR and album mixes. To find out if IRI is the right option for your project, get in touch via the contact form below.


There’s a lot happening in Cork and the world over, and Irish Radio International does its best to highlight the most entertaining, unique or altruistic. If you want IRI to help your project or organisation reach a wider audience, get in touch via the contact form below.


IRI is a resource and platform for creative, independent original people and ideas in Cork and beyond. If you have an idea or project you would like to get off the ground or take further, our community might be the right place for you, so get in touch via the contact form below.