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Classic Hits Jukebox

Simon Deasy

Nothing here yet ... Watch this space.

Spiral Galaxy 213349

Jim Fitzgerald

Spiral Galaxy 213349 is a tribute to the vibrant underground and overground lords of psych/heavy and prog rock, spanning Europe, the Americas and beyond. Drawing from a rich tapestry of obscure and not so obscure acts, of a Sunday evening, SG213349 aims to introduce an unsuspecting world to classics from days gone by.

The Rabbit Hole

João Coelho

Nothing here yet ... Watch this space.


Pat Allott

XPat.... Where to start? Singer and bass player with Cork's huge Funk collective Quangodelic, has DJed at the Leadmill Sheffield, Ri Ra Vicar Street Sunset and Jazz FM Dublin. Could go on and on, but most important, this show is called the Funk the whole Funk and nothing but the Funk for a good reason. Because it's about bringing you classy Funk, Jazz Funk, Psychodelic Soul and Modern stuff which comes from the same mindset. So get on your dancing shoes and bounce round your bed room, office or car to some rump shaking 70s classics.

Cork Classics

Nuala McGarry

Presented by Nuala McGarry, Cork Classics covers popular favourites from the classical era right up to the present day.

Declan's Dynamix

Declan O'Dwyer

Check out 'Declans Dynamix' every Friday night at 9pm on Irish Radio International. You can check out Declan’s Facebook page and listen to the programme on any mobile device. Declan plays new music, not so new music and classic tracks across a variety of genres. Apart from standard shows you will hear specially themed programmes and occasional interviews. So if you want to listen to a programme where the presenter picks his own tracks, tune in to Declan O Dwyer on 'Declans Dynamix' every Friday night at 9, or you can listen back to the programme on Mixcloud.

The Basement

Giuliano Marotta

"Play what you feel not just what you hear, touch the soul not just the ear"
Online Irish radio show based in Cork City committed and dedicated to the underground dance music. Live every Saturday from 8PM to 10PM Irish time on Irish Radio International, with weekly reviews on new releases, live mixes and interviews to the spinners, the buyers, the owners and promoters of the local and national underground dance music scene.

The Howling Fantods

Leah Sohotra

The Howling Fantods is a spreading enterprise Leah started, which began as a zine that came out in 2014 detailing the account of how she gave birth to her daughter all alone on the bathroom floor (riot grrrl style? Anyway, she’ll not stop being smug). The zine will be up and running again and for now the show is her tardis for delivering the creative genius of well known artists from every time and place in recorded history. Showcasing the talent of local artists when it suits her fancy is very much in the cards as is surprising you when you’re down by hiding inside your toothpaste tube...

Come On In

Michael O'Brien

Come On In; is it a music show with chat or a chat show with music? Depends from week to week. Features guests with a musical background and an eclectic mix of tunes from past and present. Gig news and new releases from the Cork area and beyond