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Angels Today

Declan Kavanagh

I would like to invite you to join with me, Declan Kavanagh to experience spirituality and your angels through Angel Card Reading, poetry and music. Together we relax in the arms of spirit.

Voices of Eire

Matthew Moynihan

Voices of Eire on Irish Radio International, presented by Matthew Moynihan is a podcast that intends to educate its listeners on a particular topic in each episode. It is a broad podcast that covers politics and current affairs, health, music and the arts. Topics covered so far include socialism, creativity and mental health, autism, epilepsy and addiction. The show is well researched and attempts to shine an objective eye on its subject. Previous guests include TD Mick Barry, Deputy Lord Mayor Ken O' Flynn, Stanley Notte and Brian Keane

Awakening Time

Alex Rey

Awakening Time is a show dedicated to humanity to help them understand the connection with the collective consciousness- with new topics every week profound and practical, with great music from all over the world.
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That's What She Said

Joanna Dukkipati & Eimear Fitzgerald

That's What She Said (TWSS) is a fortnightly exploration of attitudes & perceptions across an eclectic range of topics in Cork City, Ireland. The show presents an hour of chat, interview, comment, & sound from around the city. Every fortnight TWSS seeks a broad range of eclectic topics & questions, from the personal, to the social, to the most... random that could be thought of?! Stir in a spicy blend of global & homegrown sounds, and I think we have ourselves a show. Listen live every fortnight on Tuesday 8pm. Get in touch with us: thatswhat.shesaid.cork@gmail.com

Bigmouth Strikes

Simon McKeon

"Bigmouth Strikes" is a topical chat show that doesn't take itself too seriously. Presented by Simon McKeon with co-hosts Joao Coelho and Jack McLoughlin, they cover a wide range of topics from the world's most expensive bottle of water to the world's most dangerous serial killers. Add movie reviews and great music - you have "Bigmouth Strikes".

May Be Film Critics

Daniel Kiniry & Nathan Ryan

The May-Be Film Critics is a weekly talk show on Irish Radio International. As well as talking about recent releases, Daniel Kiniry and a litany of guest hosts discuss and analyse general goings-on in the film industry and current trends. There’s also a focus on cult releases, and sometimes there are dedicated episodes to certain topics. It’s free for anybody to come join Daniel in the studio if they have a passion for film, and focus can range from serious analysis on the state of the Hollywood industry to just general random nonsense, whatever comes up that’s of interest'

Politics, Fallacies & You

Ciaran Irwin & Daniel Kiniry

Politics seem to have rushed to the forefront of peoples’ minds from 2016 onwards, as it became more blended with entertainment and social media, more hyperbolic, less credible and reliable, and, let’s be honest, a lot stupider, and a lot more engaging.
It’s now reached a threshold where one novice and one sort-of-novice, Ciaran Irwin and Daniel Kiniry, are able to roughly make sense of what the hell is going on, and add their own thoughts to the constant clamour of opinion-having and finger-pointing online. They may not know much, but they’re willing to admit that they’re just as confused as you are, and from that starting point, they invite you to join them as they wade through the befuddling and constantly changing world of modern politics and media. From Brexit, to Trump, local to international, policy changes to oddities in reporting from the most far-flung corner of the web, Daniel and Ciaran use the lens of logical fallacies and their awareness of their ignorance to try to make sense of it all, and work out the motives and the intent behind the soundbites and speeches.

Irish HeArts

Yvonne Coughlan

IRISH heArts takes a weekly look at the arts in Cork, all over Ireland, and of Irish interest, worldwide. With a mix of fledgling artists, and established arts veterans, we look at film, theatre, performance art, visual art, literature, poetry, comedy, circus and a range of other creative and inspirational endeavours. Everything from blogging to dance and anything you could consider in between is up for discussion and exploration in the Irish Radio International arts show. Presenter/Producer Yvonne Coughlan chats to guests about their work, and often invites a musical artist or band to play live in studio and tell us a little about themselves and their music. Go and 'Like' our Facebook page 'Irish heArts on IRI' or find us on Mixcloud where every previous show is available as a podcast if you miss the original online broadcast time. If you love the arts then this is the show for you, every Thursday at 7pm, IRISH heArts on Irish Radio International. Irish heArts is born of the 2013 project, The Gathering-RSVP. The Gathering-RSVP isan experimental collaboration of artists in a variety of mediums, located worldwide, answering the question of what it means tobe Irish today. This work has provided a live promenade performance in physical theatre, integrating film, music, dance, film and visual arts with community arts participation, in Kinsale, County Cork, Ireland, August Bank Holiday, 2013. 23 radio magazine programmes were also broadcast on IRI, entitled The Gathering-RSVP, to update and document the project every Thursday 8pm-9pm GMT, 2013.

Dr. Lil Life Coach

Lillian Courtney

Dr Lil Life Coach is full of amazing successful guests telling their stories of how they got to the top with many survival stories and great outcomes. Tips and coaching are also available should anyone want to call into the show.

Talk Show For Talkers

Ted Mellamphy & Moira O'Brien

Nothing here yet ... Watch this space.

On Being Yourself

Dan Arnold

What does it mean to "be" "yourself"? How to? Why? Who? Presented by Dan Arnold on Irish Radio International, On Being Yourself is an open minded, honest, informative, entertaining, challenging and provocative approach to the not-so-small, and increasingly challenging matter of being yourself in the 21st century

Loving Hearts Academy

Dan Arnold

Nothing here yet ... Watch this space.

Celtic Spirituality

Dan Arnold & Declan Kavanagh

An exploration of the roots of spirituality in Celtic tradition, and its relevance in the modern age with Dan Arnold and Declan Kavanagh.