modern muses

Modern Muses

Sundays at 8pm

Cork Dressed for Success Manager Carmel O'Keeffe and Therapist Pauline Dolan are setting out to conjure the voices of Creativity and the whispers of Innovation.  In a series of nine programmes, they set out to listen for the presence of the muses in their modern guise. They start with Thalia with her gifts of Innocence and Humour.  Carmel and Pauline will then listen for the whispers of Clio in Tradition and History in the next programme. In the following weeks, the seven remaining muses will be called upon to focus on what matters.  Tune in on Sunday evenings @ 8.00 p.m

The programme is repeated at the following times:

Sunday 8pm

  Irish Time US (PT) AUS (AEST)
Monday 5pm 9am 2am (Tue)
Monday 11pm 3pm 8am (Tue)
Wednesday 2am 6pm (Tue) 11am
Thursday 5am 9pm (Wed) 2pm
Friday 8am Midnight 5pm
Saturday 11am 3am 8pm
Sunday 2pm 6am 11pm

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