Irish Hearts

Irish heArts

Thursday's at 7pm

Irish heArts is our radio arts show, presented by Yvonne Coughlan of RSVP, networking with artists in all genres from music, theatre, film, performance art, visual art, crafts and anything else creative happening in Cork and around the world. Tune in every Thursday 7 pm.

As with all IRI programmes, it is repeated throughout the week to accommodate all time zones:

Repeats Schedule throughout the week:

  Irish Time US (PT) AUS (WT)
Friday 4pm 8am 1am (Sat)
Friday 10pm 2pm 7am (Sat)
Sunday 1am 5pm (Sat) 10am
Monday 4am 8pm (Sun) 1pm
Tuesday 7am 11pm (Mon) 4pm
Wednesday 10am 2am 7pm
Thursday 1pm 5am 10pm



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