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The Best Classical Music from Cork City

The magazine programme that features life coaching tips - Thursdays at 9pm

The best in old, new and unsigned rock music with Pearse McCarthy

On Being Yourself - in the modern world

Declan's Dynamix Wednesdays at 9

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The New Rebels

We are pleased to welcome back Roos Demol and the return of The New Rebels, the programme devoted to immigrants into Ireland - "The New Irish".  The programme goes out at it's old time of 7pm on Wednesdays.

Irish heArts

Commencing on Tuesday June 9th we are pleased to welcome back Yvonne Coughlan to the IRI schedules with a new Arts show called Irish heArts.  Yvonne will be looking at the world of the arts in Cork and Ireland as a whole with studio guests and interviews.  Tune in at 8pm.


The Talk Show for Talkers is going great guns.  Now in its 28th edition, it has become very popular with Toastmaster clubs all over the world.  Tune in at 8pm every Wednesday, and of course, as with all our programmes, regular repeats daily at differing times. All repeat times are shown on the show page.

Studio Update

Our new studio is now in operation though there is still some work to do, installing a false sound insulating wall and ceiling, but we are delighted with the progress so far. We have much of the material needed to complete the installation from donations but still need plasterboard so if you know of a source please contact us.

New Studio for IRI

We are pleased to announce that IRI is moving to new studio facilities in Shandon Street in the next few weeks.  We are delighted to have facilities in the city centre, a very much more convenient location for presenters, back room staff and guests.  We hope to be broadcasting from the new facility within the next month.

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